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Power Logistics Monitoring Solutions

According to the national standard "Technical Parameters and Requirements for Three-phase Oil-immersed Power Transformers" (GB6451.1 ~ 5-86), "Impulse recorders should be installed in the transportation of transformers with a voltage of 220kV and a capacity of 150 ~ 360MVA". Most large transformers and oil-immersed reactors abroad are equipped with impact recorders during transportation to record the impact and vibration during transportation and loading and unloading. The impact recorder used must be accurate and reliable.

At present, in the domestic power equipment transportation industry, including oil-immersed transformer, high-voltage switch, reactor and other large equipment transportation, three-dimensional impact recorder will be installed to monitor the impact vibration during transportation. In addition, certain types and classes of equipment are subject to transport speed restrictions, such as not exceeding 30km/h.

Based on the current situation and market demand of the power logistics industry, outai Power logistics solutions use intelligent equipment such as intelligent THREE-DIMENSIONAL impact recorder and intelligent transport monitoring instrument to record the impact, speed and transport trajectory of the power equipment in real time. Through the user platform, the transportation situation of power equipment can be grasped in real time: who is responsible for the transportation of the equipment, where the equipment is, where it starts from, where it is delivered to, the path it passes, impact data, speed and other operation and maintenance data.

Big data escort supports data viewing anytime and anywhere, transportation track recovery, data analysis and summary. Assist power equipment manufacturers and transportation units to fully master the equipment transportation situation, and provide data support for equipment production optimization and transportation trajectory optimization.